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The Skymind Platform

SKIL Community Edition (SKIL CE) gives developers an easy way to train and deploy powerful deep learning models to production environments quickly and easily.

SKIL CE is a free, on-premise, AWS-like platform for machine learning, where data scientists and data engineers can use an open-source stack of machine learning and big data tools. It enables a managed Spark/GPU cluster as well as a managed AI model server for experiment tracking and model deployment, accessible through notebooks and a GUI. The platform is extensible, like a job runner for machine learning apps.

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Release Notes

New Features and Changes in SKIL v1.0.2

  • Multi-node SKIL installations for inference are now supported
  • Completely offline installable RPMs
  • Added display names for processes
  • Ability to customize the configuration of the default zeppelin server
  • Configurable Logging
  • Many small UI and usability improvements

Known Issues in SKIL v1.0.2

  • Stopping a deployment can cause temporary errors in workspaces. Simply trying the action again should get rid of the error.
  • Currently not possible to delete a model with attached Evaluation Results from an Experiment.
  • The embedded Zookeeper in SKIL stores data in-memory and restarting the SKIL server will cause errors in Workspaces and deployments. Use of an external Zookeeper is recommended.

Release Notes