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Skymind Intelligence Layer

The community edition of the Skymind Intelligence Layer (SKIL) is free. It takes data science projects from prototype to production quickly and easily. SKIL bridges the gap between the Python ecosystem and the JVM with a cross-team platform for Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and DevOps/IT. It is an automation tool for machine-learning workflows that enables easy training on Spark-GPU clusters, experiment tracking, one-click deployment of trained models, model performance monitoring and more.

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Defining Models

SKIL has a robust model storage, serving, and import system for supporting major deep learning libraries. SKIL can be used for end-to-end training, configuration, and deployment of models or alternatively you can import models into SKIL.

Model Interoperability

There are three main sources for models to be imported and hosted on SKIL:

TensorFlow models can be in the format of the Keras model file format, along with Caffe models.

These three major options give enterprise organizations the flexibility to allow multiple teams to choose their own tools while converging around a common hosting platform for deep learning and machine learning.

Defining Models

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