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Skymind Intelligence Layer

The community edition of the Skymind Intelligence Layer (SKIL) is free. It takes data science projects from prototype to production quickly and easily. SKIL bridges the gap between the Python ecosystem and the JVM with a cross-team platform for Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and DevOps/IT. It is an automation tool for machine-learning workflows that enables easy training on Spark-GPU clusters, experiment tracking, one-click deployment of trained models, model performance monitoring and more.

Get Started

Load Balancing

Because SKIL uses ZooKeeper for some of its devops infrastructure, a SKIL cluster that is already configured for Multiple Servers will automatically load balance all incoming requests. Ensure that your cluster is configured properly and connected to a ZooKeeper instance.

Port 9008

The HTTP API that is exposed from 9008 will route requests to all other SKIL nodes.

Balancing Strategy

All requests are balanced using a round robin strategy.

Load Balancing

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