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Skymind Intelligence Layer

The community edition of the Skymind Intelligence Layer (SKIL) is free. It takes data science projects from prototype to production quickly and easily. SKIL bridges the gap between the Python ecosystem and the JVM with a cross-team platform for Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and DevOps/IT. It is an automation tool for machine-learning workflows that enables easy training on Spark-GPU clusters, experiment tracking, one-click deployment of trained models, model performance monitoring and more.

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Version Information

The versions packaged with SKIL are based off a particular major release. They may contain additional forward-commits and/or patches that may not be present in the base release, or they may be lacking certain commits that are not yet stable enough to be released as part of SKIL.

SKIL v1.0.3 is distributed with DL4J components from v0.9.2-SNAPSHOT.


deeplearning4j: 0.9.2_skil-1.0.0
libnd4j: 0.9.2_skil-1.0.0
nd4j: 0.9.2_skil-1.0.0
datavec: 0.9.2_skil-1.0.0

Version Information