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The Skymind Platform

SKIL Community Edition (SKIL CE) gives developers an easy way to train and deploy powerful deep learning models to production environments quickly and easily.

SKIL CE is a free, on-premise, AWS-like platform for machine learning, where data scientists and data engineers can use an open-source stack of machine learning and big data tools. It enables a managed Spark/GPU cluster as well as a managed AI model server for experiment tracking and model deployment, accessible through notebooks and a GUI. The platform is extensible, like a job runner for machine learning apps.

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Version Information

The versions packaged with SKIL are based off a particular major release. They may contain additional forward-commits and/or patches that may not be present in the base release, or they may be lacking certain commits that are not yet stable enough to be released as part of SKIL.

SKIL v1.0.1 is distributed with DL4J components from v0.9.2-SNAPSHOT.


deeplearning4j: 0.9.2_skil-1.0.0
libnd4j: 0.9.2_skil-1.0.0
nd4j: 0.9.2_skil-1.0.0
datavec: 0.9.2_skil-1.0.0

Version Information